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AASA and the American Heart Association have partnered to highlight the efforts of superintendents to improve student and staff health and wellness, including interactive and actionable resources.

Superintendents have the opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of students and staff. Our school systems must be designed to serve as models for safe and healthy living which begins at the top. An AHA partnership serves to tie together our schools with our community.

School superintendents have tremendous leadership responsibilities for delivering a vision that leads to the success of their students and staff. They are influential within their communities and have a public platform to be heard across a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

The central goal of this guide is to help superintendents position health and well-being as a key component for school operations. This is intended to be a starting point to level set. The goal is to get all superintendents thinking about the transformational impact that occurs when leaders apply their skills to improving health outcomes in schools. This guide hopes to capture the passion and moral imperatives that come with this monumental task.

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Loving-kindness meditation information from the American Heart Association. Practice unconditional compassion for ourselves and all beings. This will help boost your empathy and feelings of connection and reduce bias, anger, depression and anxiety.

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Join the American Heart Association for the 21 days of Gratitude Challenge. Access information on the 21-day plan to boost healthy habits and a mindset of positivity!

Stress affects each of us in different ways. The American Heart Association offers advice on how to deal with stress including new ways to relax, stress management tips and more.

10 tips on how to lower stress fast, from the American Heart Association. Managing stress is so important and these tips will help you stop stress in its tracks!

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10 tips on how to manage stress, from the American Heart Association. Learn how to fight stress with healthy habits that can be used everyday. Available in English and Spanish.

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Kayla Jackson, AASA Project Director,
Jeremy Lyon, AHA,