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To help us better understand how we could support your needs, AASA, The School Superintendents Association,  formed the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, made up of 30 experienced superintendents and state executives from around the country. Early in the process, Task Force members indicated that districts would want help identifying the products and services that they would need to reopen schools. In response to that request, we have assembled the following list of companies that can help you prepare.

Bear in mind that we do not endorse these companies, but have vetted them with school districts that have used their products or services. We will continue to identify additional sources that may benefit your schools and students. Please feel free to contact them, depending on your individual needs.

We are all working toward the same goal — a return to economic and academic normalcy that safeguards the health and safety of staff and the students we serve. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tara Gao

Business Specialist
AASA, The School Superintendents Association

Chuck Woodruff
Chief Operating Officer
AASA, The School Superintendents Association

AASA’s PPE Program

 AASA is teaming up with its School Solutions partners to help you enhance your personal protective equipment during these unprecedented times. We are here to help. We are aware school systems want a partner they can trust in order to help maximize the safety of their students. Our partners can provide useful tips and information to consider before your purchase and can also help you with the expertise necessary to receive the full impact of the supplies you need.
Please use our website as a resource for your school district.

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Seminar Description:
Our schools can support our overall health and well-being, but also can help us prepare for and respond to global health challenges like COVID-19. As teachers, students and staff become increasingly aware of the impact of their surroundings on their health, the concept of a “healthy school” is more important than ever and becoming increasingly prominent. Join Delos CEO and Founder Paul Scialla and learn how Delos is leading the industry through evidence-based solutions and technologies to help schools reopen.
Delos advanced air purification technology was recently selected by the New York City Department of Education for implementation into all 1,800 schools in the New York City Public School System.  
The Delos advanced air purification technology is capable of trapping and removing particles as small as 0.007 microns at 99.97% efficiency, which is smaller than the virus causing COVID-19.  These are highly affordable, stand-alone, or wall-mounted portable solutions that don't require construction, labor, or access to existing HVAC systems.

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About Delos: Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company guided by the mission to be the world’s leading catalyst for improving the health and well-being of people around the world by improving the indoor environments where they live, work, sleep and play.

No Cost COVID-19 Testing, Consulting, & Medical Services for K-12 Schools

Grapefruit makes COVID-19 testing sweet and simple, just the way it should be. Our team of ER Doctors, COVID-19 Researchers & Physician-Scientists has overseen and implemented testing in congregate settings including schools, summer camps, homeless shelters, low-income housing and more, with more than 1,000,000 tests ordered and resulted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adapting Your Education Spaces with HON

You deserve the peace of mind that your education space is designed and equipped to protect your staff and students – especially now, when in-person learning is more challenging than before. That is why HON has created solutions that allow learning to happen safely. With items like PPE stands to organize supplies, durable screen options that can be customized along with classroom furniture for now or the future – HON has the solutions needed to Make Your Space Work. Learn more about HON’s Healthy School solutions here and view the HON Healthy Schools Guide here. Visit the evolving healthy education solutions page on HON's website.

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R-Zero Intelligent and Sustainable UV Disinfection for Schools
Ensure Safer Indoor Environments - Reduce Absenteeism - Increase Staff Productivity & Health

An AASA School Solutions Partner, R-Zero is making hospital-grade UV-C disinfection financially accessible to schools for the first time.  Interestingly, UV-C light has been used to disinfect surfaces and the air for over 100 years and is the gold standard in hospitals today, proven to reduce the incidences of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by up to 93%. However, until recently, this technology has been cost-prohibitive to organizations outside of hospitals.

Eligible for CARES Act, ESSER I and II funds, R-Zero’s flagship UV-C disinfection device, Arc, outputs up to 109% more germ-killing UV-C light than other hospital-grade competitors at a fraction of the cost. Arc destroys over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens - including coronavirus, seasonal flu, staph and norovirus - in a 1000 sq. ft. classroom in less than 7 minutes, without chemicals. The device offers efficient turnaround times and eliminates the human error associated with other disinfection methods. R-Zero also offers a CDC-recommended Upper Room UVGI product for continuous air disinfection in occupied spaces.
R-Zero is currently protecting over 600 schools in districts across the nation, including Clark County School District and South San Francisco Unified. Learn more


The School Solutions Center is a valuable resource for AASA members looking to save money, improve classroom environments, increase student achievement and provide an overall benefit to their employees. AASA has used most of these vendors either for our own employees or in our day-to-day operations.

While AASA recognizes these companies, we encourage all districts to research for themselves in advance of purchase to ensure it is a right fit for them. By doing business with these companies, you acknowledge this and agree to not hold AASA liable for any misrepresentations of products/services offered by these companies.