Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Resources

To help us better understand how we could support your needs, AASA, The School Superintendents Association, formed the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, made up of 30 experienced superintendents and state executives from around the country. Early in the process, Task Force members indicated that districts would want help identifying the products and services that they would need to reopen schools. In response to that request, we have assembled the following list of companies that can help you prepare.

Bear in mind that we do not endorse these companies, but have vetted them with school districts that have used their products or services. We will continue to identify additional sources that may benefit your schools and students. Please feel free to contact them, depending on your individual needs.

We are all working toward the same goal — a return to economic and academic normalcy that safeguards the health and safety of staff and the students we serve. 


Ken Olan
Global Aid Relief and International Consumer Corporation (ICC)
Phil Esbrandt
David Hartman
Candice Powers
Bob Otter
First Light
Cam Quan


Cap Guard
Russ Pritchard

AASA, ExactMade Team Up to Help School Districts in COVID Environment

With more emphasis than ever before being placed on the safety of our students in these uncertain times, AASA, The School Superintendents Association and ExactMade are teaming up to ensure school systems have the resources necessary to successfully navigate the reopening of their school buildings. 

Based in Houston, Texas, since opening its doors in 1997, ExactMade provides purchasing solutions for supplies such as face shields, made-to-order surface coverings and room partitions.  

“As AASA continues to work with our members during the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes more apparent that district needs are diverse, while many needs are still to be uncovered or addressed,” said Chuck Woodruff, chief operating officer, AASA. “ExactMade’s strong connection to the education space speaks to its steadfast commitment to helping school systems keep kids safe.”

“It’s been our long belief that we must create new forms of value that genuinely benefit the communities and markets we serve,” said Ken Olan, CEO, ExactMade. “We don’t ask, ‘Can that be done?’ but ‘How can we successfully do that?’ As school districts are facing a myriad of challenges, it will be our charge to serve them in a way that will benefit their schools and communities.”

AASA is the premiere membership organization representing public school district superintendents across the country and the world. The primary goal of AASA is to advocate for the highest-quality public education for all students, as well as to develop and support school system leaders.

To learn more about ExactMade, contact Tara Gao at



AASA and Cap Guard

Blog Post
: “The Benefits of Cap Guard in the Education Setting – Cap Guard Goes to School”

“For the student population I teach, much is gained from being able to see each other’s faces and mannerisms. It’s essential to impart language teaching,”
says Lynn Cruse, a New Jersey teacher with more than ten years experience teaching language. “A face shield is the way to go for my classroom. It permits me to be a more effective teacher, and I also feel the children will be more comfortable in a shield and touch their faces less.” The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reached similar conclusions in their recommendations to the State of Pennsylvania for reopening schools. The Blog Post: “The Benefits of Cap Guard in the Education Setting – Cap Guard Goes to School” explores how the use of face shields in schools facilitate a more communicative and safer environment. Read more...

Case Study “Cap Guard Goes to Court – the Basketball Kind”

“We would like to get the kids playing again,” said Director Olakunle Ekundare of Prime Time Basketball, a prominent youth sports program in southern New Jersey, “Maybe not games yet that involve other teams, but at least some form of structured practices. Kids need that socialization and most certainly the exercise. My main concern is how do we engage the kids again in the safest environment possible for them, my coaches, and of course, all the families involved.” The Case Study: “Cap Guard Goes to Court – the Basketball Kind” explores solutions using face shields to get kids involved back in youth sports. Read more...